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My Mother had left a clearly outlined Will, drawn up 14 years ago by a solicitor. I was both her Executor and Beneficiary. The original solicitor had moved on and the firm had changed its name. The new name of the firm was MSM Legal. I had no prior connection with MSM Legal but, on entering I was met by polite reception staff (Dyani) and was able to see lawyer and director, Ms Catherine Follett, immediately.

Catherine clearly explained that I was in the right place and MSM Legal did have a copy of the Will. Catherine outlined the documents she needed from me to complete the process of attaining Probate.
Catherine was empathetic about my situation and sensitive in outlining the costs involved. I was able to liaise direction with the MSM Legal administrative staff to photocopy relevant documents. Telephone calls and emails were answered very punctually.

From the moment I met Catherine, I did not have to worry about a thing. Catherine took control of the process and ensured that I was kept up to date at every step. I was impressed by how easily I could access information and found all staff members pleasant and always accommodating.

Everything went so smoothly, that I kept telling my family and friends about the terrific service I had received from MSM Legal, so it’s safe to say that I highly recommend this firm!

Dr M B Ayres

MSM Legal are very nice and friendly people. My migration agents, Alex Robinson and Catherine Follett, helped me with my husband’s Prospective Marriage visa application which was granted within 10 months due to the amount of hard work and time put in. They supported us throughout the whole time. When the visa was granted, my husband and I were very excited as we were expecting a baby and he was able to come to Australia just before the baby was born. MSM Legal are fantastic people to work with.

Name Withheld

I was referred to Catherine through one of the most trusted advisors in my life, my accountant. I asked him if he knew a reliable, honest and direct lawyer who could assist me and he wasn’t wrong when he suggested Catherine and the team at MSM Legal. From my first meeting with Catherine it was easy to deal with her, it was fluent and she was very accommodating. She met with me and told me what to expect, what I’d pay and what I needed to do and the relationship followed that exact path. I found her communication very upfront and consistent and never felt that I didn’t know where things were up too. She managed my legal affairs with confidence and I had no doubt she was going to achieve the outcome I desired. Catherine was easy to communicate with and her response time was prompt. Catherine came highly recommended to me and it’s easy to see why. If you’re looking for someone who is experienced, gets the job done and makes the process simple from start to finish then MSM Legal and Catherine are your go-to team.

Bechara B.

After working with MSM Legal I am confident that my business has solid legal foundations for it to grow. They made the process easy, informative and friendly and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to any new or established business wanting legal advice.

Dr. Andy Stapleton

The thought of obtaining an Australian visa without help seemed a little daunting but under the professional guidance of MSM Legal, the process was made easier. They understood our individual situation and tackled any hurdles we encountered resulting in a positive outcome. Our experience with the MSM Legal team has been exceptional and we are forever grateful!

Erfan and Fiona