As of 1 July 2014, the NSW State Government has implemented a rationing system for State Nominated Skilled Migration Subclass 190 sponsorships. Applications for sponsorship will only be accepted during specific intake periods. The intake periods have  been staggered across the 2014/2015 year to enable better management of the processing of applications. Last year, all sponsorship places were filled within the first six months leaving the NSW Government in a position of having to suspend the sponsorship program for the remainder of the year.

Each intake period, scheduled every three months, will have a limit of 1000 places. Any residual places will be carried over to later intake periods. This new system will lead to increased competition for sponsorship places and applicants who have deadlines, such as visa expiries, age or work experience deadlines, will need to be careful and plan ahead. McDonald Steed McGrath Lawyers are concerned for those applicants who are onshore and have impending visa expiries. The NSW Government has indicated that  there will be no flexibility around intake limits to cater for those with visas expiring. They advise applicants to consider alternative options.

If you are considering applying for a Subclass 190 visa with sponsorship from the NSW Government please contact us for advice about the new sponsorship procedures.