To manage South Australia’s COVID recovery response, an additional 70 occupations are now open to applicants currently residing outside Australia. These occupations can be viewed here:

The minimum requirements for SA state nomination are:

  • at least 8 years work experience in the occupation or closely related occupation; and
  • a proficient English level (as demonstrated by the required English Language Test).

Prospective applicants must also meet the Department of Home Affairs requirements, state-specific occupation requirements and have skills in an occupation that is available on the Skilled Occupation List.

Offshore applicants who meet the minimum published requirements can lodge a Registration of Interest (RoI) from 10am, ACST, Tuesday 28 September 2021.

Full requirements for each occupation are on South Australia’s Skilled Occupation List which can be accessed here:

Full details of South Australia’s state nomination requirements can be viewed here:

Remember, the nomination process is competitive. There is no guarantee that you will receive an invitation to apply for state nomination after lodging an RoI, even if you satisfy the minimum requirements.

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