Did you know that Australian citizenship can be revoked? The revocation powers do not apply to those who are Australian citizens by birth, however.

Australian citizenship may be revoked if a person has committed a serious offence, and received a conviction of 12 months or more for that crime, any time before they became an Australian citizenship. It can also be revoked if it is found that there was third party fraud in the process of applying for Australian citizenship. Other grounds include:

  • Being found guilty of making a false or misleading statement in relation to the Australian citizenship application
  • The Minister is satisfied that it would be contrary to the public interest if a person remains an Australian citizen

Australian citizenship cannot be revoked if a person will become stateless as a result of this action. The powers to revoke Australian citizenship are vested in the Minister and are taken very seriously.

It is also possible to renounce your Australian citizenship. Renouncing your Citizenship is different to having citizenship revoked. This can occur when a person acquires the citizenship of another country, or chooses to give up their Australian citizenship. If your Australian citizenship has been lost, you can apply to become an Australian citizen again. We can assist you with this process.

If you used to be an Australian citizen, you might be eligible to resume Australian citizenship if you lost your Australian citizenship when you acquired the citizenship of another country, or renounced (gave up) your Australian citizenship.

MSM Legal can advise you on all aspects of Australian citizenship matters. Revocation and resumption of Australian citizenship can involve complex legal issues and we recommend that you obtain considered advice as soon as possible.