An increase in the number of of visa places for Contributory Parents, Partners and Children is a positive given the lengthy processing times for these visas. However, it is a matter of give and take with the Other Family category of visas being sacrificed and put on the chopping  block. An extra 500 visa places will be made available for Contributory Parents and 335 for Partners and Children.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection has announced that the Carer, Aged-Dependent Relative, Remaining Relative, Aged Parent and Parent visas will soon be closing to new applicants. The final date for lodgement of these applications has not yet been made public but we expect that the closure of applications will occur before 1 July 2014. Applications that are currently being assessed or queued are not in jeopardy by this announcement and will continue to be processed as per normal.

The affected visas are:

Parent -Subclass -Subclass 103

Aged Parent- Subclass 804

Aged Dependent Relative – Subclass 114

Aged Dependent Relative -Subclass 838.

Remaining Relative- Subclass 115

Remaining Relative -Subclass 835

Carer-Subclass –Subclass 116

Carer – Subclass 836

If you are intending to apply for one of the above visas please act quickly to ensure that you lodge your application on time. However, it is important that the application be lodged validly and there are certain preliminary steps that may need to be done before you can send your application off to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. For assistance in lodging your application validly, please contact one of our experienced Registered Migration Agents NOW!

Do not delay!