In this difficult time, Coronavirus is affecting many aspects of our lives.

Temporary visa holders and visa applicants need to carefully consider their obligations regarding the following:

• Health check requirements
• Personal identifier requirements
• Visa expiry dates
• Any visas with “No Further Stay” conditions
• Dates by which to enter Australia on current or future visa grants
• Any visa grants which require you to be outside Australia at time of grant
• Any loss of employment due to the Coronavirus (457, 482 and similar)

Everybody’s visa situation is different. But you can make things much better by being proactive, rather than waiting for crucial dates to pass.

It is very important not to let your status become unlawful, because that can be much harder, and more expensive, to remedy.

If you have any queries about any of these issues, please contact us to see how we can help. It is important to seek advice about your Australian visa as soon as possible.

At MSM Legal, our team of Registered Migration Agents and immigration lawyers are ready to advise you during this public health crisis.