The closure of the Carer, Remaining Relative, Aged Dependent and Parent/Aged Parent visas has now taken effect with the visas being repealed from 2 June 2014. No new applications can be made, however, already lodged applications will continue to be processed.

The Contributory Parent visa category remains available to eligible parents of Australian citizen/permanent resident children. Unlike the repealed visas, the processing time-frames  for the Contributory Parent visas are much more palatable, but still around 12-24 months from lodgement. It is also possible to stagger the cost of the visa applications by applying first for the two year Contributory Parent Temporary visa and then the Contributory Parent (Migrant) or Contributory Aged Parent visa.

For other relatives, alternative visa options for Australia may include the skilled migration or business investment and innovation visa program. For a short-term stay, a Visitor visa may be appropriate.

If you would like to explore your options for migration to Australia, please contact us for your personalised assessment.