Our hearts ache as we watch the unfolding humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.

If you are an Afghan national who is here in Australia but who is not an Australian permanent resident or citizen and you are concerned about your visa status, we may be able to help. In particular:

  • if you have an undecided application for a Protection Visa (TPV, SHEV, or Permanent) before the Department of Home Affairs, the AAT, or the IAA, we can advise you on your potential options for updating your application;
  • if your Protection Visa application is currently before the Courts, or if your application has been refused and you have no ongoing application, we can advise you about your potential options for Ministerial Intervention;
  • if you hold a temporary visa that is not a Protection visa, we can advise you on your options for applying for protection in Australia; and/or
  • if you are facing the cancellation of your visa, or if your visa has already been cancelled, we can advise you on your options.

For the thousands of Afghan nationals who currently hold a temporary protection visa (TPV or SHEV), MSM Legal joins the calls for Australia to offer permanent protection visas to this cohort in recognition of the worsening humanitarian crisis.

For those with family and loved ones in Afghanistan, we join in the calls for Australia to immediately implement an emergency humanitarian intake plan for people in Afghanistan at risk from the Taliban.

Please contact us on 08 8161 5088 or email us at mail@msmlegal.com.au