A properly drafted and executed Will allows you to provide for your loved ones in the way you wish. It also provides assistance and guidance to your family and beneficiaries at a time when they are grieving.

Who you appoint as your Executor, or Executors, to your Estate an important decision. It is best to ask the person you would like to be your Executor in advance of naming them in your Will, as an Executor has onerous duties to undertake.

Proper forethought in relation to your assets and Estate will ideally cover the following issues:

  • Who will you nominate as your Executor(s)
  • What assets are yours to bequeath
  • How do you wish to distribute your assets
  • Ensuring a claim against your Estate is less likely via careful and considered drafting of your Will
  • Superannuation funds and insurance policies
  • Business succession planning
  • Testamentary trusts
  • Do you have assets overseas


We pride ourselves on taking care to tailor your Will to your specific circumstances, whether it is a simple Will in straightforward circumstances, or a suite of complex documents covering a multitude of factors.

Once executed, Wills and associated documents should be stored properly and must not be tampered with. We offer the use of a safe storage facility, for storing your original Wills and other important documentation.

“Estate Planning” refers to the overall structure of the documentation in place to manage your Estate after death. This refers to your Will, and any other documents that you have in place to establish the ‘big picture’ of what you would like to happen to you in the case of incapacity and your estate after your death.

In addition to the Will itself, these documents can include Powers of Attorney, Advance Care Directives, Deeds of Family Arrangement, any Trusts you have in relation to your family and business affairs and instructions to your Executors.

Trusts may include any you have or are a beneficiary of, and any partnership agreements or company ownership documents relevant to your circumstances.

Your business interests should be taken into consideration when you are planning your Estate. Forethought in this area can minimise tax and assist you with the appropriate handing over of control of your assets according to your wishes.

We can work with your financial and accounting advisors to ensure your Estate benefits.

It is now possible to include overseas assets more easily in Wills drafted in South Australia.

Let us guide you through this complex area, to give you peace of mind.