At MSM Legal we have procedures in place to minimise any risk of infection related to Covid-19.

All of our lawyers and migration agents can work from home if required, to ensure your matters continue to progress.

Our computer systems and file management systems allow us to carry on working wherever we are.

Here at MSM Legal, we have always made the best possible use of phone, email, and video conferencing contact with our clients, and this will continue.

We recommend that you come into our offices in person only if necessary.

The Department of Home Affairs’ system is already internet-based, allowing for normal processing of primary visa applications.

The Administrative Appeals Tribunal has already been using video conferencing and video hearing facilities, and will continue to do so.

Both the state and federal court systems are taking steps to facilitate more email and video conferencing methods to continue their workloads. They are monitoring their processes on a day to day basis, and there may be more changes to come.

We are monitoring all of the above daily.

Please contact us with any concerns you may have about your individual matters.