The New South Wales Government will continue to ration invitations for Subclass 190 visa nominations across the 2014 / 2015 program year.

In October 2014, NSW offered 1000 nomination places and opened its ‘doors’ for 24 hours or until 1000 applications were lodged.  The system was flooded with applicants trying to lodge their applications unsuccessfully as the online application failed to cope with the demand. To avoid a repeat of the October round, the NSW Government will move to directly inviting applicants from the SkillSelect System to apply for NSW nomination.  The Western Australian Government has been using this model for the last 12 months.

The NSW list of occupations has now been announced. The NSW skilled occupation list for the Subclass 190 visa is largely made up of professional and trade occupations with a strong emphasis on health and engineering. The list for the Subclass 489 Provisional visa is much broader but occupations are assigned to regional areas of NSW and not all occupations are currently available for nomination. Please note that the Subclass 489 nomination pathway is a separate process and applicants may need to meet specific criteria determined by the regional certifying body.