We can assist you with a range of migration and visa options for Australia. This includes visas for temporary and permanent stay.

Whether you need a visa to visit family or attend an event, medical treatment, to study at school or beyond, or perhaps you need specialised staff for a short-term project, MSM Legal can help you to find a suitable solution. Visa solutions offered by MSM Legal include:

  • Resident Return visas
  • Temporary Work (Short Stay) Specialist
  • Student visas including Student Guardian
  • Medical Treatment visas
  • Visitor visas
  • Temporary Activity visas – Religious Workers, Entertainment, Research, Cultural programs etc
  • NZ Family Relationship visas
  • Humanitarian and Protection visas

At MSM Legal, our team of lawyers we can also assist you with other areas which can be crucial to the success of your application. 

For example, the Department of Nome Affairs has specific requirements for the employment contracts that relate to visa holders, if they are employed in Australia.  Even if you have a perfectly valid and legitimate employment contract in place, which complies with Australian law, the Department may require various other issues that are specific to migration to be included in that employment contract.  We can assist you with this step, and our lawyers can provide you with an employment contract that complies with the immigration requirements. 

Similarly, companies and employers may also need various contracts and agreements as part of their business, to demonstrate to the Department that the company or employer is a legitimate business, and operates according to Australian law.  If your documentation is missing in some areas, our commercial lawyers can assist with providing that additional documentation to demonstrate to the Department that you are operating lawfully in Australia. 

Our Wills and Estates lawyers can also provide further documentation that may be required for some visas.  Partner visas, for example, can be assisted by having Wills recognising the relationship between applicants and sponsors.

There are many ways MSM Legal can assist you to make your application stronger – let us know how we can help you.