All applicants for an Australian visa, and holders of temporary and permanent residence visas, must be of good character. What does this mean? In assessing character the Department of Home Affairs will consider a person’s past and present criminal conduct, associations and memberships, and general conduct. This is known as the ‘Character Test’. If a person fails the character test their visa application may be refused, or if they hold a visa, it may be cancelled. Character can be an issue also for Citizenship applications.

MSM Legal can provide advice and assistance to people who have concerns about their ability to meet the Character Test, or who have received a notice from the Department of Home Affairs that they do not meet the Character Test and their visa application is liable for refusal, or their visa for cancellation.

We may need access to past records and we will need to speak to a range of people about you.  In all applications involving character assessment, timing and responsiveness is crucial. There are strict time limits to appeal any decision involving character. Our experienced Registered Migration Agents are well versed to counsel you on these matters and can respond quickly to time sensitive issues. Contact us now, before it becomes too late!