Migration & Citizenship Law

MSM Legal understands that Australia’s visa and migration system can be complex, confusing and often daunting.

That’s why having considered advice and assistance from a Registered Migration Agent is important. At MSM Legal we have Registered Migration Agents, and an expert team of immigration lawyers.

With some of Adelaide’s most experienced Registered Migration Agents, MSM Legal will provide you with considered advice tailored to your circumstances. We know every case is different.

Our Registered Migration Agents will guide you through the process. We will help you to achieve the outcome you desire. With more than 25 years of experience between us, we know that getting it right the first time is important.

In fact, there’s not much we don’t do in the world of migration.

So, how do we help you?

We prefer to start with an initial consultation. Why?

This gives you an opportunity to meet us and for us to understand more about you, and what it is you would like to achieve. Without enough information about you, our advice will be limited.

How do we consult with you?

We can meet you face to face, by phone, Skype or even by email. Distance is no barrier!

What happens next?

After we have enough information, we will give you our considered advice. We will advise you about how this relates to your visa and migration options.

We will discuss the likelihood of success, time-frames, and costs.  Not all applications have merit and we believe in being honest and upfront about this from the beginning.

If you decide to go ahead, we will provide you with a list of the documents and information that we need to begin preparing an application. When you send us documents, we will review them closely.

We will work with you on the drafting of application forms and ensure that you have the opportunity to read through them and that you understand the information included on the form.

We will check that everything is correct before the application is lodged. Once an application is lodged, we will monitor your application until a decision is made. Sometimes we need to change our approach to a file, perhaps if your circumstances have changed, and we are responsive to this.

As migration lawyers, we are constantly monitoring the frequent changes that are made to both to the law by the Government. We keep up to date with the interpretation of the law by Courts and Tribunals. Our expertise helps you, as we apply our knowledge to your circumstances. We will advise you on how these changes may impact your application.

Why choose a law firm with specialist immigration lawyers?

As immigration lawyers, we have significant experience in fighting for our clients with appeals at the Tribunals and courts. We are called to do this when clients come to us with an application that has gone wrong and their visa has been cancelled or refused.

Much of this work is only able to be undertaken by immigration lawyers. We are able to use this experience in dealing with what happens when things go wrong, to help avoid these same issues happening to you.

If you are a business wishing to bring an employee to Australia from overseas, or have a new recruit, we can work directly through you, or with you and your prospective employee, whichever you prefer.

At MSM Legal, our team of lawyers we can also assist you with other areas that can be crucial to the success of your application.

For example, the Department of Home Affairs has specific requirements for the employment contracts that relate to visa holders.  You might have a perfectly valid and legitimate employment contract in place, which complies with Australian law. But the Department of Home Affairs additional items that are specific to migration to be included in that employment contract.

We can assist you with this step, and our lawyers can provide you with an employment contract that complies with the immigration requirements.

Similarly, companies and employers may also need various contracts and agreements as part of their business, to demonstrate to the Department that the company or employer is a legitimate business and operates according to Australian law.

If your documentation is missing in some areas, our commercial lawyers can assist with providing that additional documentation to demonstrate to the Department of Home Affairs that you are operating lawfully in Australia.

Our Wills and Estates lawyers can also provide further documentation that may be required for some visas.  Partner visas, for example, can be assisted by having Wills recognising the relationship between applicants and sponsors.

If you have been held in immigration detention, and need your case reviewed in the Federal Circuit Court, MSM Legal has substantial experience guiding people through this process.

There are many ways MSM Legal can assist you to make your application stronger – let us know how we can help you. 

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