People need access to land for various reasons, such as outright ownership, pastoral leases, exploration and mining leases, and native title access.

At MSM Legal we have significant experience negotiating and documenting all aspects of access to land and can help you navigate through the sometimes complex factual scenarios that arise with overlapping rights.

We can assist you with your project, whether it is large or small.  Examples of land access scenarios can range from small scale (mining or exploration companies negotiating exploration rights over pastoral leaseholder land) to large scale (negotiating native title consent determination agreements with the South Australian Government and multiple native title holder groups), and anything in between.

Heritage Agreements are negotiated utilising the expertise of the South Australian Government, pursuant to the Heritage Places Act of 1993.  Contested heritage matters proceed to the Environment, Resources and Development jurisdiction of the District Court of South Australia.

In the event of Native title matters not being resolved by negotiation, the Federal Court of Australia has jurisdiction to determine the existence of native title.

MSM Legal is one of South Australia’s most experienced law firms dealing with overall access to land, in particular as it relates to mining, exploration and native title concerns.