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The Importance of Judicial Review – Protection Visa
July 27, 2021

On Wednesday, our clients were successful in their Federal Court appeal with the Court quashing the decision of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal which…

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Travel Exemptions & Partner Visas – What’s Going On?
June 29, 2021

Last week MSM Legal’s Director, Catherine, answered some questions on ABC Radio in Adelaide about travel exemptions. Over the last few…

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Can I get a visa if I have a criminal record or intervention order?
June 10, 2021

A summary of the impact of Ministerial Direction 90A The Department of Home Affairs takes any indication of criminality or risk…

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Australian Travel Exemptions: A Guide
February 26, 2021

Introduction Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, there is currently a travel ban on traveling in and out of Australia unless you…

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Brain Gain!
February 17, 2021

South Australia may finally be seeing a reversal of its historically problematic ‘brain drain’ (the loss of its best and most…

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Can I apply for an onshore partner visa if I am on a bridging visa?
February 5, 2021

Schedule 3 allows the Department to consider compelling reasons relating to the sponsor of the partner visa when considering the merits…

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What does the Department assess in a partner visa?
January 27, 2021

The Department of Home Affairs considers 4 main things when considering any Australian partner visa application. 1. Social aspects: Do you…

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Powers of the Department of Home Affairs
January 14, 2021

It is crucial to consider your visa circumstances when seeking assistance for criminal matters. Any sentence of imprisonment (suspended or immediate)…

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Visa Cancellation and Immigration Detention
January 14, 2021

Commonly, clients are surprised by the system they face when criminal charges impact their visa status.  Our Mitchell Simmons attempts the…

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The Migration Journey
January 14, 2021

Mark Sekerin, senior migration agent at MSM Legal, focuses on supporting clients seeking Employer Sponsored visas, Business and Investment visas, and…

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